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School Rules

General Rules
To maintain consistency and a positive school climate the Walters Road community follows these guidelines for student behaviour.
·    Follow the school’s Behaviour Code, Class and Playground rules in all school related environments. 
·    Attend school regularly, be punctual and present notes to explain absences. 
·    Respect and follow the instructions of teachers and others in authority. 
·    Attempt all tasks tat are expected of me to the best of my ability, including home study tasks. 
·    Behave in a responsible, polite and courteous manner without harassing, bullying, intimidating, discriminating or threatening anyone in any way. 
·    Behave in a way that shows respect for myself and the feelings of others and resolve conflict in a peaceful manner. 
·    Behave in a manner that keeps myself and others safe, both in and out of school. 
·    Respect and care for school buildings, school property and the property of others. 
·    Observe the general standards of dress and uniform requirements of the school. 
·    Ensure our school is free from dangerous and illegal substances and objects.
·    Students, staff and parents have negotiated these playground behaviour guidelines.  These rules are discussed, displayed and reinforced.
·    Positive and negative consequences are discussed and reinforced regularly.
Teachers need to:
·    Carry playground bum-bag at all times.
·    Be punctual and mobile at all times.
·    Have a clear understanding of rules and procedures.
·    Apply rules consistently.
·    Encourage safe play and report accidents immediately.
·    Follow up all students complaints.
·    Be alert to persistent problems.
·    Complete white slips promptly.
·    Have mobile phones turned off.
Playground Rules
Play safely                 Keep hands and feet to yourself.
                               Speak politely.
Stay in bounds         Stay within bounds during class and play times.
Keep our playgrounds safe
                                         Follow all teachers’ directions.
                                Share equipment and space.
                                Follow the rules of each playground.
Be environmentally friendly
                                         Keep our playgrounds clean and tidy.
                                Turn bubblers and taps off after use.
Be sun safe
                                         Always wear a hat in the playground.
                                No hat – play in the shade.
Out of bounds areas during;
Class Times
Play Times
Playing in toilets Playing in toilets
Playgrounds Verandahs and rooms
Roads Roads
Canteen area Unsupervised classrooms
Car parks Car  parks
Behind buildings Behind buildings
Area Rules
Douglas Grass
·    Students are not to eat in this area.
·    Ball games are only allowed at lunchtime.
·    Cricket calls to be used only in the net area under supervision.
·    Touch football only.
·    Gardens and paths are out of bounds.
·    Balls over the fence need to be collected after school by the owner.
-          No child is to climb fences to retrieve a ball at any time.
Evans Grass
·    Ball game free area.
·    Fence areas are out of bounds.
·    Boundaries indicated by yellow markings.
·    Walking only in handball area.
·    Handball only on handball courts.
·    Goal shooting only at basketball hoops.  No running basketball games.
·    Toilets are not for playing in.
Passive Areas
·    Non-active games only.
·    Drain near bike rack indicates boundary in 3-6 shelter area.
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