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Positive Behaviour for Learning


Statement of Purpose

We strive to provide quality education in a safe and stimulating learning environment.  We encourage children to become respectful and responsible lifelong learners.


What is Positive Behaviour for Learning?

Positive Behaviour for Learning is a broad range of systematic and individualised strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviour.


What are the expectations at Walters Road Public School?

Be Safe

In order for a student to be behaving safely, they must -

  • make sure they are seen by a teacher
  • keep their hands and feet to themselves
  • move responsibly
  • make safe choices
  • use all equipment safely

Be Respectful

In order for a student to be behaving respectfully, they must

  • respect all property
  • respect everyone including their thoughts and feelings
  • show courtesy and good manners
  • be an active and respectful listener
  • wear full school uniform with pride

Be Responsible

In order for a student to be behaving responsibly, they must

  • show a positive attitude
  • be a good citizen
  • play and work co-operatively
  • listen to and follow instructions
  • accept the consequences of their actions
  • be a problem solver

Be a Learner

In order for a student to be a learner, they must –

  • strive for excellence
  • stay on task
  • ask for help if needed
  • participate actively as a learner


Our Award System - How Does it Work?

The staff have collectively decided on the use of a token reward system with the following specifications:-

  • each teacher will have a maximum of 25 ‘bee tokens’ to be handed out each week.
  • students will be given a ‘Bee Token’ as a reward for their correct behaviour by teachers.
  • each student will have four pages in their hive booklet – one for each expectation – (Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Learner)
  • the student must take the token to their classroom teacher, who will exchange for a stamp on their hive grid booklet.
  • each grid will have 20 spaces. For each token, the child would get a stamp in their hive booklet.
  • the hive grids are located either under the child’s desk, on a wall display or maintained by the class teacher.
  • once the 20 spaces have been stamped the child will receive a certificate for that expectation. eg. Safe.
  • the certificate will be presented either at a Monday morning assembly or K-2/3-6 assembly.
  • each student who receives a certificate will have their photograph displayed on classroom windows under appropriate headings – Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Learner)
  • when students have received a certificate for any one of the expectations they will choose a prize or a privilege from the ‘bee hive’  a prize box to be located in Mr Laundry’s office.
  • when students have received a certificate for all four expectations they will be entitled to attend a morning tea with Mr Simpson.


Launch Photos

Teachers and students wore yellow to mark the launch of our first expectation - Safe.


Our Respectful expectation is successfully launched!

Students were eager to answer questions about being respectful.

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